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Keeping Your Home Safe and Stylish

In San Diego County, CA, door hardware will keep your home safe and secure. Whether you are upgrading your existing doors or installing new doors, Berger Hardware Inc has the necessary hardware that your home needs. Door hardware is often overlooked compared to the door itself. However, door hardware is a key component to the functionality of your doors. With the right hardware, you can be sure that your home, loved ones, and assets are all protected. We carry a wide variety of door hardware so that you can get exactly what you need for your home project. Our team supplies only the most reliable and beautiful door hardware so that you not only feel safe but satisfied with the way your doors accentuate your home.

gray cabinet with silver knobs

Hardware Options for Your Home’s Doors

Since 1912, we have been providing homeowners with the necessary hardware they need for their doors and other home projects. We have a wide variety of displays in our showroom with various types of hardware and accessories for you to choose from to ensure that your home remodel is a success. From sleek to modern to intricate and traditional, we offer doorknobs, handles, and hinges in different sizes and finishes for us to order for you. Our showroom also features secure electronic door locks for those who do not wish to keep track of their keys. The electronic door locks we offer come in various different design options so that you get the lock that best fits your unique needs. For those who opt for traditional key and lock hardware, we have the ability to make copies of your keys so that everyone in your family has the access they need.

Our Door Hardware Brands


We’ve Got the Details Covered

We believe that the success of home renovation projects is in the details. That is why we specialize in providing the right hardware for the details that often get overlooked. When you choose us to assist you with your home remodeling project, you will get the results that you need. The door hardware that we supply is reliable, durable, and gorgeous. We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise quality just to get the look you desire. Our products have been making home renovation projects a success for over a hundred years. Stop by our showroom today and see what our quality hardware products are all about.

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